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The WWE has handled its first openly-gay superstar Darren Young very well

Recently, WWE Superstar Darren Young (actual name Fred Rosser III), came out as being gay in a video recorded and posted by TMZ: Young came out in a seemingly off-hand manner, and the the reporter was noticeably shocked and pleased by his announcement. After the video went viral, Young sent out this tweet from his … Continue reading

A look at social media’s coverage of the 2013 Emmy Awards – awkward and redundant

The 2013 Emmy Awards came and went last Sunday (9/22). They were hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, who might be the perfect host for any sort of award show with his combination of humor, wit, and the fact that he is Neil Patrick Harris. The 65th annual show brought in the highest Emmy Awards viewership … Continue reading

Mariano Rivera’s retirement signals the end of the ‘old school’ athlete in today’s age of social media

The 2013 MLB regular season is drawing to a close, and unless the New York Yankees can somehow reach the playoffs (which according to Baseball Prospectus, they only have a 0.4 % chance of doing so) the remarkable career of closer Mariano Rivera will come to a close. The 43-year-old Rivera spent the entirety of … Continue reading

Anthony Weiner – a promising politician’s fall from grace and PR nightmare

Anthony Weiner was destined for greatness in the Democratic Party. He had everything you could ask for in a up-and-coming politician – he was young, tall, handsome, and could speak very well. His future was definitely bright. The 1985 SUNY-Plattsburgh graduate’s first job was as a congressional aide to then-US Representative Chuck Schumer, and he … Continue reading

NFL: the Jacksonville Jaguars need to sign Tim Tebow to stay relevant this season

To say the Jacksonville Jaguars are not a good team would be an immense understatement. The season is only two games old, so the eight teams that currently sit at 0-2 shouldn’t be throwing in the towel just yet, but there are many throughout the league who believe the Jaguars stand a real chance of going … Continue reading

Guinness Commercial breaks barriers of what a beer ad can be

Recently, Guinness debuted a commercial that has been receiving extremely favorable reviews for its message: The ad breaks the mold of the “traditional” beer commercial, which typically features partying and pretty girls. While the ad does feature two other traditional traits of beer commercials – sports and young males – it speaks a much more … Continue reading

AT&T handles apology well after promoting a phone in 9/11 tweet

Yesterday, AT&T chose to pay respects to the 12th anniversary of September 11th, 2001 by posting on their official Twitter account. This is nothing new, as many companies also did so. The problem came in how they did so: Unlike most companies, AT&T decided to product place their Blackberry Z10 phone in the tweet, showing … Continue reading

Powerful video: “I Killed a Man” details drunk driving accident confession – was it smart?

On September 3rd, the YouTube channel Because I Said I Would uploaded a video titled “I Killed a Man” in which Matthew Cordle confessing to the world that he struck and killed a man while driving drunk one night: As you can see, this is a powerful video that contains a very important message – don’t drink … Continue reading

The importance of an internship (no matter your major)

While attending college, there are many things that are obviously important – getting good grades, going to class every day, reading the assigned material before it’s talked about in class (we all do that, right…?). One thing that is not always mentioned, but what I believe is extremely valuable to not only your college experience, … Continue reading

Update: Dave Chappelle handles Hartford incident in worst possible way

In a previous blog post about Dave Chappelle’s incident in Hartford last week (read that post here!), I wondered how his PR team would handle the incident (very brief recap – Chappelle refused to perform due to crowd noise and heckling). Now, I’m not sure if Chappelle actually has someone on his staff who handles … Continue reading


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