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Facebook Studio Awards – the best of the best

According to their website, “the Facebook Studio Awards celebrate the agencies and brands that are helping people and businesses connect.” Since 2012, the Facebook Studio Awards have highlighted some of the best Facebook pages around using the following criteria: Craft & Execution – Was there a focus on high quality visuals, aesthetics and copywriting? Did your creative … Continue reading

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Volvo make one of this year’s best commercials with ‘the most epic of splits’

Before I talk about how awesome Jean-Claude Van Damme is, check out this recent Volvo commercial featuring the famed action movie hero: Now, I can assure you this video is real (you can watch the full making-of video here). If he were to have slipped, he would not have fallen to the road below, as … Continue reading

Justin Bieber is backing a new social network dedicated to selfies

Justin Bieber, pop music icon (if you ask 13 year-old girls), has invested over $1 million in the new social network app “Shots of Me,” (marketed by RockLive) which focuses solely on “selfies,” which if you don’t know what those are, are basically pictures taken of yourself using your cellphone. Selfies have come a long … Continue reading

White man pretends to be black to win Texas election

Dave Wilson is Texas man who last week was successful in running for a seat on the Houston Community College Board of Trustees. Normally, this wouldn’t make news if it wasn’t for the way he went about doing so. Dave Wilson is white. However, his campaign material would lead you to believe he was black. Running in … Continue reading

CCSU commended for its use of social media during lockdown

Yesterday, Central Connecticut State University was in a state of lockdown for over three hours while police, SWAT, FBI, and Homeland Security were on scene searching for a potential “active shooter” on campus after multiple 9-1-1 calls were made by students reporting a man running around with what seemed to be military gear and weapons. … Continue reading


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