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Alan Watts asks “what would you like to do if money were no object?”

British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker Alan Watts (1915-1973) asks listeners in this brilliant video, “what would you like to do if money were no object?” Many, when Watts would ask this question, would respond with culturally-enriching (albeit low-paying) careers such as painters, poets, and writers. Many shied away from these because there is simply no … Continue reading

What will the new ‘Instagram Direct’ mean for the wildly-popular social network?

Today, Instagram introduced its new ‘Instagram Direct‘ feature, which they bill as a “new way to send photo and video messages to friends.” Instagram Direct will be the social network’s first foray into a more private, user-to-user experience that combines elements from Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat – the latest social network to soar in popularity … Continue reading

5 predictions for social media in 2014

Social media predictions for 2014: The rise of Snap Chat?

Twitter Broadens Its Keyword Targeting For Ads With Synonyms And “Twitter Lingo”

Great news from Twitter regarding their keyword search feature.

‘Gezellig’ – giving brands a human voice

The Dutch word “gezellig” does not have a direct translation into English, but it can loosely be translated to mean “the relaxed feeling that comes from general togetherness.” When used in the world of advertising, it’s a word that refers to giving a brand a human voice. In general, brands can be considered either fast, … Continue reading

How social media can kill your career

Today, CNN.com¬†posted a great opinion piece written by Dean Obeidallah¬†about the different ways Twitter can kill a career. I highly recommend checking out the entire article (you can do so here). In a nutshell, here are the different ways Twitter, and any social network, can kill a career: Forgetting to proofread With just about every … Continue reading

The 10 worst ads of 2013

Original list courtesy of Business Insider. To read their article, click here. Last week, I looked at the Facebook Studio Awards, which celebrated the year’s best ad campaigns on the social media site. This week, I will be looking at some of the year’s worst ads, as compiled by Business Insider; these ads cover both … Continue reading


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