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Repost: “Some of the most clever advertisements by popular brands”

The following is a repost from guff.com showing some very clever ads from famous brands such as McDonald’s, Volkswagen, and more. Check out the full article for their full list.


McDonald’s uses their famous fries to showcase their new free WiFi.



Volkswagen illustrates the precision of their new parking assist feature using a hedgehog and some goldfish.



Children’s product Play-Doh reminds you that you can make anything with Play-Doh – safely.


Again, check out the article on guff.com for the full list! What was your favorite?

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Hello! My name is Nick Irving, and this blog is/was mostly about public relations and social media. It originally started as part of a public relations class, but I really enjoyed doing it and kept up for a little while. I currently work at the Worldwide Leader in Sports ESPN and unfortunately don't have much time to post much anymore. To see more info about me, feel free to connect on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/nlirving/.


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